Wodhawk is a full service media group that provides photography, video, branding and graphic design for outdoor and athletic companies worldwide.

Our studio is based in central florida and is open to commission all over the world to create advertising campaigns, athletic portfolios, or event coverage. Give the studio a call at (352)433-6469 or use the contact link to send an email.

The team is led by founder and photographer, Jesse Clements. Read his bio here:

“I grew up in the country, in the woods, riding horses and shooting guns and bows and arrows. My heroes were the wild ones. The men of the old, untamed lands. Wild Bill Hickok, Geronimo, and Hawkeye. Those tales spoke to me in a way that is hard to put into words. Little bands of misfits who braved the dangers of living life fully, facing the often insurmountable odds of scrapping out an existence on the frontier. As an adult, crossfit and the tactical/outdoor world has filled a piece of that call of the wild for me. Every time I face down that demon of a workout that tells me I can’t finish, or cross that peak of a seemingly insurmountable summit on assignment, the warrior inside gets a little stronger.

I have been a photographer for over 12 years now, and shooting athletes, warriors and outdoorsmen who are laying it all on the line in literal blood, sweat and tears has been one of the most satisfying genres I’ve encountered.

Wodhawk photography was born from my love of the wild. Hawkeye, of Last of the Mohicans was the best marksman of his day. We aim to be one of the best companies providing moving imagery for these great companies who provide the tools for the missions.”